La Toscane. Album pittoresque et archéologique


Ristampa anastatico dell’edizione originale (Paris,Lemercier, 1862-1863).


The magnificent monumental album of lithographs created by the French André Durand in about 1862 is one of the most refined works among those that represent Tuscany. Nobody could have geen more suited to portray them than Durand, a highly-regarded sketcher and lithographer, also versed in archeology. Spurred on by the enthusiasm of the Russian prince Anatole Demidoff, Durand first produced an album with 18 lithographs of picturesque views of the Isle of Elba (in collaboration with Eugène Ciceri). They are evocative works showing a wild and partly unexplored island. Among them are outsanding views of Portoferraio, Rio Marina, Marciana and also of the Imperial Villa of San Martino with the Napoleonic Museum founded by Prince Demidoff. Later the work was enriched with another 100 plates of the most important Tuscan cities, also including bewitching artistic country landscapes.

COD: André Durand, Cassa di Risparmio di PIstoia e Pescia, 1973, 48 p. precedute da da 116 tavv.litogr.ft., cm 37x64, brossura con cofanetto, French edition. Categorie: , .

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