Michele della Valle. Jewels and Myths


Famed for his appreciation of rare and unusual gemstones, Michele della Valle is unquestionably one of the leading jewellers at work in the world today. His idiosyncratic style pays tribute to his greatest inspiration, nature, which continues to influence his displays of bravura.

Celebrated among the elite, Della Valle’s autobiography, Jewels and Myths beautifully displays the jeweller’s wealth of exquisite and alluring work through a series of photographs that perfectly capture his talent for artistry. The juxtaposition of shocking colours, from emerald green to piercing blue, flaming orange to ruby red, work together to produce a work of art that is meticulous in detail, whilst at the same time eliciting a seductive, feminine elegance.

As well as Della Valle’s great appreciation and application of colour, it is his use of unusual and unconventional materials such as carbon fibre that has really marked him out as a modern and truly original practitioner of his craft. Emeralds, sapphires and rubies are picked depending upon their personality, resulting in each jewel being of individual merit. Della Vale allows us to experience his craftsmanship through a dreamlike series of pictures that display his blithe exuberance, modernity and personality.

This book provides a beautiful array of the work of one of the most sought-after jewellers in the world, allowing for anyone with an interest in Della Vale’s spectacular jewellery creations to understand the exotic influences that inspire his finesse.