Magritte. The Blue Box / La Boîte Bleue. Limited edition


Edizione numerata 321 di 950.

One of the most charming and beloved of the surrealists, René Magritte took a light, witty paintbrush and created a world both familiar and not–but always recognizable in our dreams. His plays on semiotics, identity, the idea of woman, the possibilities inherent in objects, and the idea that everything was not necessarily what it seemed–or what it was supposed to be–are celebrated here in an exceptionally charming limited edition. The Blue Box is done up like a handsome book, complete with a leather-bound spine and a bas-relief frontispiece that plays the painting-of-a window-within-a-window trick. Inside is a stash of goodies, each arranged in a separate portfolio. The first contains three original etchings by Magritte, numbered and signed and stamped by the Magritte estate; next is a five-piece full-size reproduction on canvas of The Eternally Obvious, a woman split into as many parts; and last are eight reproductions each of the gouaches The Pig’s Beer and Horse Preserve, printed on adhesive paper and meant to be stuck on to bottles just like the originals were. Also included is the hardback edition of Magritte, the catalogue for the Jeu de Paume exhibit (published by D.A.P. in spring 2003).

COD: Daniel Abadie, Ludion, 304 p., 3 incisioni originali, riproduzione su tela in cinque parti, riproduzione su carta adesiva di acquarelli originali, cofanetto 31,5x36,5, English e French edition. Categorie: , .

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