Helmut Newton 1920-2004


Born in 1920 in Berlin, Newton ran away from Germany to Australia in 1938, where he met his wife June; the curator of this exhibition. Acclaimed photographer and great purveyor of the chic and the risque, Helmut Newton saw in the female form the allure of power and beauty, strength and danger. His provocative, erotically charged photographs of statuesque women with glossy hairstyles and wearing seamed stockings and heels were tableaux vivants whose themes were often associated with bondage, voyeurism, murder, prostitution, and sadomasochism. Newton pushed the envelope of traditional fashion photography into the realm of aesthetic expression, often in the pages of Vogue, by presenting his subjects as part of a larger, erotically driven, narrative of mood and story. This beautifully designed catalogue is the first major monograph to be published on the photographer since his death in 2004 in a car accident in Los Angeles. The catalogue and exhibition feature original and vintage prints, Kodakrome , travel photography , and prints from the photographer s signature monumental shoots. It includes the first comprehensive and a fully illustrated chronology.