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Fun jewelry

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Whimsical jewelry animals, images of people, flowers, birds, fish, insects, ingenious tremblers and duets and totally imaginary beasts comprise a delightful cross-section of styles that all can be described as “fun.” These are the mechanical and light-hearted designs that tickle one’s humor and provoke a smile. They may contain important gems and expensive metals, or they may not, for in this jewelry it is the design that wins the nod. Antique as well as modern jewelry, and fine as well as costume designs appear together here to create this appealing collection from European and American sources. Fun Jewelry contains over 400 beautiful color photographs showing over 1000 pieces and an explanatory text which identifies all marked pieces. Drawn from many styles and times, this fun jewelry is sure to become a favorite of all who enjoy decorative ornamentation.



COD: Nancy N. Schiffer, Schiffer, 1996, 160 p., cm 21,5x28, brossura, English edition. Categorie: , .

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