Drawings of Albrecht Durer


Originally published in Munich in 1914, this selection of Albrecht Dürer’s finest drawings by the great art historian Heinrich Wöfflin has long been regarded as a basic book in the arts. It has gone through many editions in Europe, even though this is its first appearance in English.
Professor Wöfflin selected 81 drawings by the master both for their individual interest and for the light they cast on Dürer’s artistic growth and evolution. They begin with the self-portrait Dürer drew at the age of 13 in 1484 and end with his Head of Saint Mark, done in 1526, approximately two years before his death. Included are many favorites as well as many works that are little known. Of special interest are sketches that Dürer prepared for famous works in other media, such as drawings for the famous woodcut series The Life of the Virgin.
Professor Wöfflin’s penetrating essay, which is considered one of the foundations of modern art criticism, has been translated by Stanley Appelbaum.
Several features have been added to this Dover edition of Dürer’s drawings: a revised statement on ownership of originals; bibliographical note; Winkler numbers; and a new Foreword by Alfred Werner, art critic and lecturer.