30-second Leonardo da Vinci


Artist, anatomist, architect, botanist, cartographer, engineer, mathematician, musician, scientist, sculptor-the word “polymath” cannot provide the full measure of Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary talents. If you only know Leonardo as the painter of the famous, much copied portrait, the Mona Lisa, seize the chance to brush up your knowledge and discover what is meant by the term Renaissance Man. 30-Second Leonardo Da Vinci is the quickest way to grapple with the truly diverse thoughts of the ultimate Renaissance superhero. Here, the world’s leading Leonardo scholars present an instant and expert guide to the breadth and brilliance of his greatest innovations. Each entry is summarized in just 30 seconds-using nothing more than two pages, 300 words, and a single picture. Illustrated with inventive graphics and supported by studies of his key paintings, it’s the ultimate book to quench your curiosity.